Code of Conduct

of the Soc. Trevinvest Srl Owner of the Residence “La Filanda” at VILLORBA- TREVISO


This code of conduct defines a behavioral model whose principles inspire every activity carried out by and towards Trevinvest Srl / Residence la Filanda (hereinafter also the company), as well as the internal relationships. The company, aware that the authority of a company is recognized not only by the quality of the service provided to customers, but also by the attention paid to the needs of the entire community, has formally collected, in the code of conduct, the principles and criteria of behavoiur, accepted and shared, which inspire all its activities, including the management of the "Residence La Filanda".
The goal is to research, develop and maintain a relationship based on trust with all those categories of individuals, groups or institutions whose contribution is required to carry out the business of the company, in order to pursue, through a behavior that respects social ethics , an added value for all stakeholders, while contributing to the economic, social and civil development of the community in which it operates.
Trevinvest Srl / Residence la Filanda expects the spontaneous sharing, acceptance and diffusion of these rules as well as the respect by all employees and coworkers of the Company, its suppliers and third parties who have relations with it.
The Company will supervise the effective compliance with the Code, preparing appropriate information, prevention and control tools and will guarantee the transparency of the behaviors, intervening, where necessary, to repress possible actions not in line with the principles of the Code itself.


The Code is applied to all shareholders, coworkers, employees, consultants and all other subjects or companies that act on its behalf (hereinafter Recipents), even indirectly, who are therefore committed to observe and enforce the content of this Code of conduct in the scope of their functions and responsibilities, as well as during the performance of their professional activity.
All the aforementioned subjects undertake to respect the Code at the time of the hiring and to maintain a conduct inspired by the principles of loyalty, impartiality, integrity and honesty. They avoid any act or behavior that violates or may lead to believe the violation of the provisions of law or regulation or contained in the Code.


The code of conduct of Trevinvest Srl / Residence la Filanda is based on the principles of legality, correctness, non-discrimination, confidentiality, diligence and loyalty.

2.1 Legality

The fundamental and mandatory principle of the Company is represented by the full compliance with the laws and regulations in force in the Italian State and the European Union regulations, as well as the Foreign States with which the Company operates. All recipients are therefore required to act in compliance with the applicable legislation, constantly updating on legislative developments.

2.2 Correctness

For all recipients, a mandatory principle is that of integrity and professional correctness. Therefore it is forbidden for Recipients to accept, for themselves or for others, gifts or other benefits from subjects in any way interested in the activity of the company, with the exception of gifts of modest value. In turn, the Recipients must not make donations in cash or goods to third parties or in any case offer unlawful utilities or favors of any kind (except for objects of modest value or gifts of commercial courtesy authorized by the company) in connection with the activity from them provided for the benefit of Trevinvest Srl / Residence la Filanda.

2.3 Non Discrimination

The Company believes that differences represent an added value in human relations and is contrary to any form of discrimination based on political and trade union opinions, ethnic or religious affiliation, sex or sexual orientation, marital status, or physical or mental disability, nationality, language or economic and social conditions. In particular, all company decisions and choices concerning employees or any other coworkers must be based solely on the skills demonstrated during the performance of the assigned tasks and on professional qualities. No employee and / or coworkers must receive advantages or bear disadvantages due to factors unrelated to their professional skills and qualities.

2.4 Confidentiality

The Company guarantees, in compliance with the provisions of the law, the confidentiality of the information in its possession. Employees, coworkers and consultants of the Company are expressly forbidden to use confidential information for undisclosed purposes and / or unduly disclose information. It is also expressly prohibited to use or communicate to others, without justified reason and / or indication of the Company, confidential or internal information.

2.5 Diligence

As part of their professional activity, each employee, consultant, coworker, supplier, client of the Company, and anyone who has dealings with it, must diligently comply with the laws and regulations in force, the national, European and international sector regulations, the Code of Conduct and internal regulations, which must be known and understood as far as possible. In no case the pursuit of the Company's interest can justify their non-compliance.


3.1 Conflict of Interests

The Recipients of the Code are required to refrain from any activities that may be deemed, even potentially, to conflict with the interests of the Company. In compliance with the principle of maximum transparency with regard to the "stakeholders", each of the aforementioned subjects must use the utmost rigor in the assessment of the aforementioned situations. In the event that situations of conflict of interest are identified, including potential ones, both internal and external to the business, each person involved is required to refrain from implementing conflicting conducts by promptly notifying the company for an assessment of the existence, on a case by case basis, of any incompatibilities or prejudicial situations.

3.2 Relationship with employees and coworkers

Relations between individuals within the Company must be characterized by fairness, transparency, loyalty, compliance with laws and regulations. Trust, collaboration, respect for mutual roles, responsibility, professionalism and civil coexistence together with the tolerance of the tasks of others are other fundamental precepts to be observed. Everyone must work to ensure that relations with colleagues are inspired by harmony and avoid acts or behavior characterized by animosity or conflict.
The evaluation and selection of employees and coworkers is carried out by trying to combine the needs of Trevinvest Srl / Residence la Filanda as much as possible with the professional profiles, ambitions and expectations of the candidates. The company also undertakes to adopt all measures useful to avoid any form of favoritism in the selection criteria by adopting criteria that are as much objective and meritocratic as possible, respecting the dignity of the candidates and in the interest of the good performance of the company.
Without prejudice to the maximum availability towards the company, no worker and / or coworkers may be obliged to perform duties, services or favors not provided for by his own employment contract and by his role within the company.
The company undertakes to offer to its staff a healthy, safe and respectful of workers' dignity work environment.
Employees and / or coworkers are required to carry out their duties with commitment and constancy, performing daily and diligently the tasks and tasks assigned to them. In making use of the goods and services available for their work, employees and / or coworkers must, at all times, be able to justify their use as being in conformity with the correct exercise of their activity.

3.3 External Relationships

3.3.1. Relationship with customers and suppliers
In external relationships, the recipients behave in order to determine trust and collaboration with those who come into contact with the Company; they show courtesy and availability in communicating with the public and deal with the issues with due professionalism, in an efficient and prompt manner. Recipients must strive to guarantee an optimal service for the customer, with the aim of limiting inefficiencies as much as possible. Recipients must refrain from engaging in any unfair behavior that may mislead customers or suppliers to rely on unfounded facts or circumstances.
3.3.2. Relationship with Public Institutions
The relationships of the Company with national, EU and international public institutions, as well as with public officials or public service officers, are maintained by the administrator and by each employee, whatever their function or position, or, if appropriate, by each coworker or consultant, in compliance with current legislation and on the basis of the general principles of correctness, transparency and loyalty.


Compliance with the precepts indicated in this code is entrusted to the prudent, reasonable and careful supervision of each recipient. In order to guarantee the effectiveness of this Code, the Company prepares information channels through which all those who become aware of any unlawful conduct within the Company may report to it freely, directly and confidentially. All recipients are invited to report to their superiors the facts and circumstances that are potentially in conflict with the rules of this code.


The lack of respect for the rules of conduct of this Code and / or the violation of the same will result in the adoption of disciplinary measures and penalties appropriate to the gravity of the actions and / or omissions, independently from a judicial action that the judicial authority exercises. In the most serious cases, the termination of the contractual relationship is also envisaged. In such situations Trevinvest Srl / Residence la Filanda also reserves the right to exercise all the actions it deems appropriate for the compensation of any damage suffered as a result of the violation of the Code of Conduct.